Caring for the Pearl

Pearls are an organic gemstone and require special care to ensure their longevity.

Simple cleaning and storage will ensure that your pearls keep their lustrous beauty for years to come.

You should avoid having your pearls come in to contact with perfume, hairspray, cosmetics and household cleaning agents as they contain alcohol, acids and harsh chemicals that are harmful to the pearl’s lustre and surface.

Perspiration and dirt may also harm pearls, Autore recommends you gently wipe pearls with a slight damp (not wet) cloth after you wear them.

Pearls are strung on pure silk with a knot between each pearl (knotting between pearls ensures that if the strand breaks you only risk losing a single pearl). Silk string weakens and stretches over time and we recommend you have your pearls restrung professionally once a year.

It is advised that you avoid dipping your pearls in water or wear them whilst bathing or swimming as the water weakens the silk thread.

Our packaging has been designed especially for pearls and it is recommended you store your pearls in their original box or pouch.

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