Autore launches The Metropolitan Collection

This year Award winning South Sea pearl company Autore, is proud to launch the first release of the 2016 Metropolitan Collection on the international stage at Baselworld, Switzerland from March 17th – 24th.

The Autore Metropolitan collection explores the intricate structures of the contemporary world, combining the beauty of history with the magnificence of modernity to create timeless and luxurious jewellery pieces.

CEO Rosario Autore describes the process and inspiration behind the collection “The innovation behind the Metropolitan collection is the expression of connecting the past and present, linking each structure to today’s world”.

Each landmark was carefully selected for its astounding cultural and societal value, in addition to its beauty which transcends the test of time. The Autore design team was briefed to create a collection which exemplifies the link between structures and the modern world, expressing the way we interact with our surroundings.

2015 saw great success for Autore, with the award-winning Orchid collection collecting ‘Best Pearl Design’ at Couture Las Vegas for the Orange Blossom Orchid Cuff. The Orchid collection was inspired by the exotic and endearing nature of Australian native orchids, with each jewellery piece re-imagining the delicate and intricate nature of the flower through dazzling gemstones, rich golds, and lustrous South Sea pearls.


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