Autore to unveil Stars & Galaxies Collection

Award winning pearl jewellery company AUTORE has started 2017 with a bang, unveiling their new collection, ‘Stars & Galaxies’  to an international audience at Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Trade Fair in Switzerland, March 23-30th.

The incandescence of the cosmos has inspired AUTORE’s new collection, with designers bringing elements of our universe that are invisible to the naked eye, front and centre to the jewellery world.

Striking colours and captivating shapes of intergalactic forms are highlighted through an array of gemstones and unique South Sea pearls to create 'Stars & Galaxies'. Invoking the beauty and enchantment of outer space, AUTORE's 2017 collection is an illuminating discovery of the unknown.

CEO Rosario Autore credits his team of skilled designers, technicians and jewellers. "Fine craftsmanship and attention to detail are signature features of our Stars & Galaxies collection. The team have once again created intricate works of art that champion the South Sea pearl, combining classic design aesthetic with a contemporary edge."

AUTORE is also proud to launch ‘Primavera by AUTORE’, a new collection based on contemporary and accessible pearl jewellery for the modern woman. Inspired by the concept of making the South Sea pearl casual and suitable for everyday wear, AUTORE has combined the craftsmanship, sensuality and modern aesthetic found in all their jewellery, with simple design appealing to today’s market.

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