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Win for Autore at Couture Las Vegas 2015

South Sea pearl heavy-weight AUTORE has taken out first prize at ‘Couture’ in Las Vegas for the third time. AUTORE has collected the ‘Best Pearl Design’ prize for their elegant and detailed ‘Orange Blossom’ cuff.

Following an overwhelming response to AUTORE’s new ‘Orchid’ collection launched at Baselworld 2015, CEO Rosario Autore describes the success of the collection as a result of “the fluidity and realistic nature of the designs coupled with quality craftsmanship.”

The Orange Blossom cuff is an image of immaculate design – classic style with a contemporary edge. he incorporation of a hidden gallery within the piece, combined with subtle movement has resulted in a piece of artwork layered with a spectrum of yellow and orange diamonds, and the beautiful hues of South Sea pearls.

The collection, which was inspired by the exotic nature of Australian native orchids, re-imagines the delicacy of the flower through the translation of the magnificent colours, shapes and textures of the orchid, which are exclusively unique to Australia. The versatility and fluid movement of the jewellery mimics the realistic nature and behaviour of the flower, enabling the pieces to encapsulate sensuality, distinction and versatility whilst still representing a wearable piece of jewellery.

Autore’s beautiful execution of design combines two of nature’s most luxurious treasures, the south sea pearl, and the Australian native orchid, exhibiting and complimenting the unique nature of both natural gifts.

The combination of these two natural elements are a perfect reflection of the beauty of individuality, as similarly to pearls, no two orchids are the same – a perfect motif for the Autore collection.

The remarkable success of the new collection, and the Autore group, is a testament to the innovation and passion of Rosario Autore, and his ambition to revolutionise the pearling industry.

“This honour gives me faith that our continuous drive to achieve innovative design and take the image of the South Sea pearl to greater heights each year is on track with our market and industry peers.” Rosario Autore CEO

Since launching the Autore brand, the company has become renowned for pushing the boundaries of jewellery design. Autore today is one of the largest vertically integrated South Sea pearl companies, providing quality assured luxury jewellery and south sea pearls right from the source, with the jewellery receiving many awards for innovation and design, sparking interest amongst many A-list celebrities.

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