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The Autore Story

The Autore Story

AUTORE South Sea pearls are one of nature’s greatest gifts. Born in the intense blue waters of the South Seas, their entrancing luminosity reflects the light of the sun, the glow of the moon and the beauty of the waters that nurture them into being. Adorning some of Hollywood’s hottest, Autore Pearls have been spotted on the likes of Halle Berry, Scarlett Johannsson and Angelina Jolie.

Founded in 1991, The Autore Group is one of the largest South Sea pearl companies in the world. Autore provides quality-assured luxury jewellery and South Sea pearls right from the source.

From farming, grading, valuing, wholesaling, jewellery design and manufacturing to marketing, AUTORE is a dynamic, advanced and vertically integrated pearling group. AUTORE’s pearls are sourced directly from their South Sea pearl farms, owning and operating 10 farm sites. Harvesting in excess of 350,000 pearls per annum, the AUTORE pearl farms are situated on some of the world’s most beautiful coastline – from the crystal-clear waters off the North and Western coasts of Western Australia to the tropical islands of Indonesia.

The remarkable success of The Autore Group is testament to the innovative vision of one man – Founder and CEO – Rosario Autore. Rosario’s commitment to the industry has truly revolutionised the international wholesaling of South Sea pearls. Rosario has been involved in the South Sea pearling industry for more than 30 years.

The development of a comprehensive pearl grading system and valuation service, along with Rosario’s personal approach to business, earned the Group recognition and the respect of wholesale buyers, retailers and consumers the world over.

The Autore Group

The AUTORE Group headquarters are based in Sydney where South Sea pearls are graded by hand and eye in preparation for distribution to the world’s most prestigious jewellery houses and wholesalers. In addition to the preparation of loose pearl lots, 3000 South Sea pearl strands per year are assembled from Sydney headquarters, making AUTORE one of the largest distributors of South Sea pearls in the world. Autore Jewellery Design Division was established in 2001 as a specialist pearl jewellery design entity for the purpose of designing and manufacturing AUTORE jewellery.

Autore has played a key role in expanding the pearl jewellery market by designing directional and unique jewellery collections achieving international recognition. AUTORE branded jewellery is now sold across the world’s major markets including; the USA, Western Europe, Middle East, India, and South East Asia.


The AUTORE Group prides itself on being at the forefront in regards to jewellery design, researching not only jewellery trends but fashion, colour and textile directions too. The AUTORE team of designers, technicians and jewellery experts strive to create innovative and contemporary pearl jewellery. Under the highest levels of quality control, each piece of jewellery is designed specifically for pearls using the finest materials and craftsmanship. Each pearl is individually hand-selected for each piece of jewellery by skilled technicians who match the pearls to the hues and tones that will best suit the precious and semi-precious stones in each piece. The pearl is not an accessory to the jewellery; it is the focus of the piece.

Autore Jewellery collections are synonymous with combining spectacular aspects of nature as well as architectural heritage-inspired motifs. New collections are regularly designed, based on research and trend analysis in jewellery, fashion, interiors and colour directions. Autore also has a range of classic pieces which are the company’s best sellers and can be found in the Timeless collection. Within each collection, Autore has a range of pieces covering design and price points from Ready to Wear jewellery, to Couture, one-off and bespoke pieces.


For over two decades AUTORE has maintained a focus on quality and excellence across all aspects of the business. As a vertically integrated company, AUTORE takes pride in their commitment to preserve and regenerate the environment, support local communities and invest in training and education. Ecological sustainability of the pearl farms, located in the pristine waters of Western Australia and Indonesia, is paramount to AUTORE.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Autore Team acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional owner’s past, present and future of the land on which we work in Sydney, traditionally the home of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, and of the land of Autore Group farming operations in East Arnhem Land, traditionally the home of the Yolŋu people, and Broome, traditionally the home of the Yawuru people.   



Autore has a strong focus on sustainability. We are conscious of our planet and have an ongoing commitment to uphold our social and environmental responsibilities. It is paramount to us to ensure that we consider our environmental and social practices & impact across all aspects of the business.

As the Pinctada maxima is the only living organism to produce a gem and which requires clean and abundant waters to thrive, the environment is one of AUTORE’s most valuable assets required to produce beautiful and lustrous pearls. AUTORE dedicates an extensive amount of time and resources in understanding the surroundings of the pearl farms in order to minimise the ecological impact, ensuring a balanced, diverse and undisturbed environment. 

By continuing to provide education of the local communities and staff, AUTORE’s positive attitude assists in monitoring the pearling activities.

In 2014 AUTORE commenced a collaboration with JARI at the pearl farm in Lombok, Indonesia to raise awareness in the community about the importance of the environmental preservation. The program, which continues to persevere today, aims to increase the level of knowledge and understanding of pearl farming and marine conservation among local primary school students. The initiative strives to communicate the importance of sustaining the marine environment for future generations while providing jobs, education and health care support to the local communities. The importance of employee respect and treatment is one of the company’s proudest attributes. AUTORE continually maintains high standards of employee health and safety throughout all platforms of the operations. AUTORE proudly acknowledges the importance of maintaining a social, ethical and environmental responsibility across all practices within the company

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