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Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A BridgertonStory Luminates to #1 in Pearls

AUTORE celebrated a “Wow moment”, according to Ruby Autore, Head of marketing and International Jewellery Manager, in the opening scene of Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Their stunning18kt Rose Gold, Pink Sapphire, White Diamond, Pink Opal and 12mm South Sea Pearl earrings glamorously dangled from the ears of the young Queen, her gowns ruffling behind as she struts through the palatial halls.
What could be more elegant than a pearl? Pearl shave been treasured for their exquisite beauty since the days of Ancient Rome. They are a symbol of purity and wisdom, and the only gemstone that is created within a living organism. A Pearl is truly unique and timeless.

The historical Queen Charlotte who wed George the III in 1761 was herself quite fond of Pearls. In Royal portraits she is seen wearing them from her hair to hips all in the latest trends of the day. As such it made sense for Emmy award winning costume designer Lyn Paolo to incorporate some of the ocean’s most beautiful treasures into her extraordinary costume design for the series. The costume department of Queen Charlotte was a modern-day royal atelier with 250 craftsmen working round the clock to create the vibrant, sumptuous, and dreamy opulence of the series. From hand sewn intricate pleating to creative and eye pooping headdresses, the look is a regal collage of perfection.

AUTORE is the world’s most innovative and distinctive pearl jewelry designer. Established in 1991 by Founder and CEO, Rosario Autore, The AUTORE Group harvests more than 350,000 pearls per year from its ten South Sea pearl farms, located in the pristine waters off Northern and Western Australia and Indonesia. The company is 100% committed to protecting the environment and all its pearl farms are certified sustainable. The stunning collections are inspired by facets of the natural world and architectural elements. They have won numerous awards throughout the years, including their most recent honor, and 9th International Design Award in 2022, for The Best in Fine Jewellery. As Rosario Autore avows, “As every pearl is unique, so is the AUTORE Brand.”

Ruby Autore adds, “pearls have always been in fashion, but are really a strong trend now they were in abundance at the Met Gala and being embraced by Hollywood stars like Harry Styles. Our collections range from high jewellery to fashion pieces and appeal to everyone.”

Look for Autore South Seas Pearls as you immerse yourself into the addictive world of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story now the #1 streaming series on Netflix. Another Shondaland hit that keeps us screaming for more.

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