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South Sea pearls are cultured in Broome, Western Australia and Indonesia in Lombok, Java and Sumbawa. There are currently 36 pearling companies registered in the region, with around 20 actively producing cultured pearls. Lombok and Sumbawa export pearls to the United States, Australia, Japan, Geneva, Italy and Switzerland.

The pearl industry in Lombok also has excellent tourism possibilities, with the potential to attract pearl traders from around the world, as well as tourists interested in pearl production, pearl farm tours and an annual pearl festival.

This undeveloped potential is being taken seriously by industry leader, AUTORE, which has pearl farms in Lombok, Sumbawa and West Java, in addition to their main operations in Western Australia

In conjunction with the pearling operations in Lombok, AUTORE now has a visitors’ centre and showroom at their pearl farm located in the calm bay of Teluk Nara on Lombok’s west coast.

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